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A peek into Olivia's Smile Decor's studio

Posted on November 01 2016

A studio with a view

Olivia's Smile Decor is based in Phoenix, AZ, but ships all over the United States of America from Maine to California and Florida to Washington State.  Our studio, with the huge bay window, has a semi-private scenic view with palms and oleanders to stare at while dreaming up ideas for the next line of pillow covers, and which fabric I'll use.  

Olivia's Smile Decor Viking Sapphire 930 sewing machine

My Viking Sapphire 930 sewing machine is a work horse, driving through almost any fabric with ease.  I love that it has decorative stitches available, although admittedly, I haven't had much time to play around with them.  Stay tuned and I will show you some of the fun borders it will do.  

Can you find the zipper?

Invisible zipper in pillow cover

You may have noticed that ninety-nine percent of our pillow covers come with "invisible" zippers as a standard feature.  This is a feature that many small sewing business owners shy away from.  It takes skill to install one but so worth it!  The invisible zipper provides a perfect enclosure that allows you to easily remove your pillow cover for cleaning, then just as easily put it back on.  The word "invisible" refers to the fact that only the zipper pull, or tiny handle, is visible on the outside of the pillow cover.  The rest of the length of the zipper disappears into the fabric instead of distracting from the beauty of the decorative pillow.  Below is a special "foot", or attachment, used to keep the sewing machine needle away from the zipper teeth.  Why is that important?  Let's just say that the zipper won't work and the needle can break, a sound and experience right up there with nails on a chalkboard!


Olivia's Smile Decor invisible zipper feature in pillow covers

Professional Touches 

Finally, the pride and joy of Olivia's Smile Decor is our Juki serger.  This machine is the same machine several factories use to crank out high volumes of home decor items as well as apparel.  This machine isn't much to look at but the edge finishing it produces is professional grade.  One of the goals for Olivia's Smile Decor is to give you a professionally finished product that combines handmade quality with a perfect finish that will extend the life of the pillow cover.

Juki 6510 serger for professional edging

Professional edges done with Juki serger

 Thank you for reading!  You can have confidence knowing that changing your decor with pillow covers from Olivia's Smile Decor will be beautiful and durable.

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