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Arizona artists collaborate with Olivia's Smile Decor for truly unique Southwest pillows!

Posted on July 08 2017

We are so excited to feature the first ever collaboration with local artists and twin brothers Armando and Ramon Soto, a collaboration that combines home decor and unique art in praise of the Arizona Southwest.  Read on for a quick background on how the collaboration started and details on the launch of this new line of pillows!  (Hint - read to the bottom - you'll be glad you did!) 

Local Artisan Marketplace - Maricopa County Home Show

 Cal and I met Armando at the first Local Artisan Marketplace put on by the Maricopa County Home Shows, in University of Phoenix Stadium (where the Arizona Cardinals play - how cool is that??).  Armando was running his amazing booth for his business Raices Roots, selling decor items and featuring his artistic displays of air plants and succulents.  Our booth was positioned directly across from his and we hit it off!  As Cal and I talked to him over the three day show we generated tons of ideas on how to cross promote, and the relationship was born.

 Armando Soto of Raices Roots with Cal and Renee Woodford of Olivia's Smile Decor

 Maricopa County Home Shows Local Artisan Marketplace

Meet the Artists

Armando and his twin brother Ramon are so talented.  Armando graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in Business Administration and Management, and Ramon from Arizona State University with a degree in fine arts.  Both have been painting for years, mostly for hobby although Ramon's work has been commissioned as well.  Armando's first love is botany, so he pursued his dream by starting his business "Raices Roots".  The Spanish translation of "Raices" literally means Roots.  Check out his amazing live art on his website, or you can find him most weekends at various trendy markets throughout the valley, like Gilbert Farmer's Market and Highland Yard Vintage.  He also sells his product at hotspots such as La Grande Orange in Arcadia.

These twins are inseparable. Whether goofing off or showing their serious, but always cheerful side, they have a zest for life that is contagious!

Armando and Ramon Soto Arizona Artists

The Collaboration Begins

After the show I was looking for specific wall art to create a staging scene for photographing pillows so I asked Armando whether he or his brother would be willing to paint something.  I was specifically looking for cactus paintings in watercolors.  I was amazed by what they created.  Cal suggested we also use those paintings to print on pillows and the ideas took off from there!  

I worked with an online fabric printer to do a few pieces of each design.  These beauties turned out so well, and are truly native to Arizona!  

Prickly Pear by Armando Soto

 Prickly Pear Watercolor Painting Pillow by Armando Soto

 Succulent by Ramon Soto

Succulent Watercolor Painting Pillow by Ramon Soto

The Big Reveal

In truly serendipitous fashion, we are revealing the pillows to the public at the Maricopa County Home and Landscape Show July 14-16 inside the University of Phoenix Stadium - where Cal and I met Armando the first time!  Stop in and say Hi, and check out these gorgeous pillows.  Let us know you read this blog post and take 10% off!   If you can't make it to the show, you can purchase on Olivia's Smile Decor on Etsy.  Use coupon code BLOG10 for your discount!  Residents of the Valley will have their shipping refunded.

You can also find discounted tickets for the Home Show going to their website

If you are a retail store interested in wholesale, please contact us at

Thank you for reading to the end!  Aren't you happy you did???

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