Imagine life as a single mom…

Imagine having to be in three places at the same time at all times.  Imagine you work at the office downtown until 5 and your son missed the bus because he was in detention at school in the suburbs, but your daughter developed a fever and is still in the nurse’s office, and the nurse is calling you constantly because she needs to close up.  Imagine you are on your last warning before you are written up for not finishing your shift.  Imagine you have no friends or relatives in the area to help you, and the man who was to be your life partner left six months ago to find himself.  This is the special kind of hell that single moms go through.  The circumstances may change but the constant shame from watching the spinning plates shatter on the ground is universal.

Stressed single mom
How am I going to keep it all together?

I lived a portion of my life as a single mother of 3 elementary aged children and remember always feeling inadequate and stretched way beyond my capacity.  When that season of life was over, God pursued me to make a difference in the lives of women going through the same thing.  He helped me see that my circumstances were not wasted, and reminded me that He carried me through it for such a time as this (Esther 4:14) and to care for the orphans and widows (James 1:27).  My ultimate goals are:

  1. To provide single moms an avenue to work from home with a flexible schedule, and mentorship to start their own business if they desire
  2. To equip single moms with the knowledge that God loves them exactly as they are, and to help them find joy and courage to face every day

I am honored that you are here for such a time as this!  Please join me on my journey – browse my Etsy or Amazon stores to find that perfect home decor item or gift, and imagine a frazzled single mom resting in God’s peace, knowing she can care for her family and herself.